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Santa Ema Merlot

2014 Nice red fruit with a sweet prune taste. Medium-bodied with softly textured tannins and a chocolate flavor. A delicate touch of oak shows up on the finish as a subtle hint of vanilla. All in all this is a smooth fruity well-balanced wine.
$16.00 / Bottle   $192.00 / Case

Additional Information

Santa Ema is there for you. Indulge your desire to have a glass of wine after a long day at the office or with the meal you’ve just spent the evening preparing.

Vineyards in Chile’s Rapel Valley.

You deserve it. You can treat yourself without bankrupting your account too.

Chile offers some fantastic values in wine, and Santa Ema proves it. The descendants of Pedro Pavone Voglino carry on the tradition of winemaking that their great great grandfather brought over from Italy with him when he emigrated to Chile in 1917.

The Pavone family is dedicated to bringing quality wine within the reach of everyone. They believe wine should be part of a healthy lifestyle that also includes good food, lots of laughter and sharing all of this with friends and family.

It shouldn’t remain the reserve of an elite group of snobs. Anyone who wants should be able to partake of a glass of wine with their dinner, and anyone can with Santa Ema.

This Merlot is an ideal accompaniment to a rich, creamy chicken casserole with spinach and mushrooms or some tasty black bean and corn empanadas with chipotle sauce.