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Oggi Merlot

2009 Intense vinous bouquet with a lot of character combining both blackberry fruit with light herbaceous undertones. On the palate, it’s dry and full flavored with tannins just in balance with the fruit and lending a hint of sophistication to the wine.
$16.00 / Bottle   $192.00 / Case

Additional Information

Merlot is originally from France. Most people believe it comes from the Bordeaux region where it got its name from the dark feathered "Merle" bird that loves to eat grapes.

Merlot vineyards in Piave after the harvest.

It is grown all over the world these days however, it’s found a particularly sweet spot in northeastern Italy, near Venice.

In the Piave region, the sun shines and the breezes off the sea keep temperatures relatively cool. The grapes are fully ripe, yet they retain the flavors they derive from their unique combination of location, climate and soil.

The wines express this personality, which is very different from what you taste in Merlot from Australia or California, South America or France.

This wine is 100% Merlot, and a gentle vinification process is employed to capture the spirit of Veneto style wine.

The large wooden tanks used to store wine in the sparkling clean cellar.

The wine undergoes a relatively short maceration period - only eight days at moderate temperatures. This prevents the extraction of bitter compounds or vegetal flavors from the grapes.

We are sure you will love the results! A lovely red wine intended for enjoyment on its own, but really at home alongside a nice meal.

Try it with pasta dishes in light sauces, a skirt steak with a red wine sauce accompanied by a potato and blue cheese gratin. This wine would also go very well with a cheese platter.