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Gato Negro Cabernet/Merlot

2013 Warm and fruity, this medium-bodied blend is packed with succulent red berry fruit flavors that are nicely complemented by subtle notes of tobacco and spice. Gentle tannins on the palate lead into a fresh fruity finish.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case

Additional Information

You should try it too! Gato Negro, produced by Viña San Pedro, is one of Chile’s oldest brands; it’s had a long time to build a loyal following.

The grape harvest at San Pedro is still done by hand. With over 2500 acres, you can imagine what a job that is!

What more could you ask of a wine? It’s fruit forward style is easy to drink and on top of that, it’s a great value.

Gato Negro was actually created by a German winemaker in the 1960’s. It was first a hit with sharp Chileans, who quickly realized that their country could produce some really good wine. Success in abroad quickly followed.

This wasn’t San Pedro’s initial experience exporting wines however. They had shipped wine to the US since the early 40’s and have been growing grapes and producing wine since as far back as 1865!

The Correa Albano brothers, Bonifacio and José Gregorio, founded the winery in Chile’s Central Valley.

Today, San Pedro’s wines, including Gato Negro are made under the guidance of a gifted young woman winemaker, Irene Paiva. Irene has led a quality revolution at the winery. She manages a team of 60 people and guides all of the operations from harvest to bottling.

Irene’s skill and natural talent is combined with a lifelong passion for wine and pursuit of her craft. She travels the world to promote San Pedro’s wines and visit other winegrowing regions.

We salute her and everyone else behind Gato Negro for helping make it easier for us to enjoy good wines every day!

This is a great everyday kind of wine. Have a glass and unwind with a movie or book. This is the perfect no-fuss wine to serve when pizza, burgers, pasta or any other casual food is on the menu.