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Castillo de Monseran Grenache

2011 Let the warmth of the sun-baked fruit slowly fill your soul as you taste this wine. The rich ripe fruit is complemented by intriguing aromas of sweet tobacco and spice. It’s ample and mouthfilling on the palate with chewy tannins and just the right acidity to give vitality to the finale.
$14.00 / Bottle   $168.00 / Case

Additional Information

You should always have a bottle or two on hand because this easy-drinking wine will quickly become a favorite at your house. Its attractive price makes it an irresistible bargain, and its quality will leave your friends thinking you paid a lot more for it than you actually did!

A gnarled old vine of Grenache.

A wine with this much character can only come from a region with a lot of soul and Castillo de Monseran is no exception. Its roots are firmly implanted in the proud region of Aragón. Situated in the Ebro Valley midway between Madrid and Barcelona, the D.O. of Cariñena has a long history of winemaking.

The wide-traveling Romans, aficionados of the good life, heaped praise on the quality of the wines they found in the region of Cariñena, even though they had a habit (which we would find rather unappealing today) of drinking them mixed with honey!

In a tradition that has continued since the 16th century, the fountains in the town of Cariñena flow with wine in a festival honoring King Philip II. Now that’s a celebration!

Bodegas San Valero, the winery that produces this fabulous wine, was born from the common quest of a group of 60 grape growers back in 1945. Today, the winery can boast of a modern cellar mastering the latest oenological techniques.

At Bodegas San Valero, the farming experts are as important as the winemakers because they know that you can only make good wines from the healthiest, perfectly ripe grapes.

You’ll find this wine perfect for whenever you’re in the mood for a glass at the end of a long day, or when you’re in the mood to cook a nice meal. Drink this wine up now, everything has come together and it’s showing beautifully. Serve with a roasted tomato, goat cheese and spinach torte or simple grilled meats.