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Castello del Poggio Monferrato Dolcetto

2012 Very bright ruby-red, with inviting purplish highlights. A pronounced vinous aroma; fresh and youthful. Dry but well-balanced, with an appealing almondy vein. Goes particularly well with full-flavored dishes such as pasta or rice dishes with sauces, meat in gravy, or stews containing vegetables.
$30.00 / Bottle   $360.00 / Case

Additional Information

Castello del Poggio lies entirely within the Monferrato area in the Province of Asti, one of Piedmont’s finest wine zones. 80% of its vineyards are in the district of Portacomaro, while 20% are at Costigliole d’Asti. The Monferrato is quite unlike any other viticultural region: here the vineyards alternate with woodland and fields, and there is great variation in the zone’s hillsides, even in the color of their soils.

The estate takes its name from the medieval stronghold that dominates it, and which once belonged to the noble Bunéis family. Its northern part is today still referred to, in dialect, as the Val del Temp (which means Valley of the Temple).

Typically continental, with considerable differences between seasons and between day and night temperatures, the climate is influenced by the barrier that the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines place in the way of southwesterly winds. The property covers 174 hectares (430 acres) in all, of which 158 hectares (390 acres) are vineyards in production in Portacomaro and in the hamlet of Santa Margherita di Costigliole d’Asti.

The hand-picked Dolcetto grapes making this wine are crushed and de-stalked and then vinified in the traditional way in horizontal fermentation tanks. The period of contact of the must with the skins gives the wine its characteristic intense ruby-red color, while its attractively mellow style derives from the grape variety itself and from its excellent state of ripeness.