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Tisdale Merlot

NV A friendly, fruit-forward style with pleasant berry fruit mingling with a nice hint of spice and oak. It’s medium-bodied with soft, round tannins and ripe plum flavors. Smooth enough to enjoy on its own and enough structure to serve with a variety of foods.
$10.00 / Bottle   $120.00 / Case
SALE $7.99 / Bottle   $95.88 / Case

Additional Information

But why should you take our word for it? Well, we don’t own the vineyards, we don’t make this wine. In fact, we’ve got no vested interest at all in the winery.

Ripe, plump Merlot grapes ready to be crushed and made into wine!

We hand-select each and every wine that we offer to you after tasting (and rejecting) hundreds of wines. That way, we’re free to choose wines based solely on their quality and price.

That might sound like a fun job, but it can be very tiring at times. Would you like to sit down to taste 35 wines at 10:00 in the morning? We’re willing to put ourselves through grueling task to uncover the best wine deals for you, saving you the trouble and expense of often disappointing experiments from the wine aisle.

Don’t get us wrong, we truly love what we do and when we make a discovery like Tisdale, it’s exhilarating... kind of like finding a hidden treasure or $40 in a coat pocket from last winter.

Finding a wine like this is reason enough to celebrate, and at this price you can throw a huge party and invite all your friends and neighbors over!

"How do they do it?” you might wonder. Without going into boring statistics and technical details, it all comes down to economies of scale, supply and demand, efficient and knowledgeable modern winemaking skills, well-organized distribution and you the consumer.

You the consumer have become much more knowledgeable about wine, and you’re confident enough now to know what you like and to make wine part of a healthy enjoyable lifestyle.

So our hats are off to you for demanding well-made, satisfying wines for everyday consumption at realistic prices. It’s our job to weed out the bad ones and bring you the good ones and we’re happy to do that for you!

Serve this wine with anything from hot dogs and baked beans to veggie kebabs.