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Santa Rita Carmenere

2014 A deeply colored wine with Carmenere’s characteristic spicy, slightly earthy, peppery flavors mingling with ripe red fruits. This wine is richly textured yet smooth and balanced on the finish thanks to the judicious use of oak (only 20% of the wine is aged in barrel).
$15.00 / Bottle   $180.00 / Case

Additional Information

For some wine regions it’s the climate or the terroir or a particular grape variety. In the case of Chile, it’s Carmenere that sets it apart from wine producing regions anywhere else in the world.

Neatly hedged rows in one of Santa Rita’s many vineyard holdings throughout Chile.

Carmenere originally came from Bordeaux, although you won’t find it used in any wines from there these days. The phylloxera epidemic of the late 19th century wiped it out and French farmers didn’t replant it.

In fact, Carmenere was more or less forgotten about in both France and in Chile for the next 100 years or so. It thrived in obscurity in the sunny South American climate, where most farmers thought it was Merlot and left it at that until 1991 when it was discovered that most of what was considered Merlot was actually Carmenere.

Even though Merlot is one of the most popular varietals with consumers, Chilean wineries were quick to turn this news to their advantage.

Since it’s the only country with significant vineyards producing this heirloom grape variety, Carmenere quickly became the signature wine of Chile.

Santa Rita winery, one of the largest and oldest in the country (its first vineyards were planted in 1880 with cuttings from France), was one of the leaders of this wine revolution. Their long expertise make this 100% Carmenere the perfect introduction to Chile’s flagship wine!