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Bloom Riesling

2009 This wine is as pretty as its label! Beautiful peach and honeysuckle fragrance fills the bouquet and follows through in the flavors. A light touch of sweetness naturally graces this wine that is crisp and fresh on the palate and isn’t lacking in acidity to balance the sweetness and fruit.
$14.50 / Bottle   $174.00 / Case

Additional Information

With one taste of this delightful wine, you’ll find yourself picking up the phone and inviting your best friends over to share a glass with you!

Some vineyards in the Mosel are among the steepest in the world!

Germany is the ancestral home to the noble Riesling grape, which makes some of the greatest wines in the world.

Unfortunately, most of the labels are so stodgy looking, they give no hint as to the truly lovely character of the wines inside the bottle.

Bloom makes a dramatic break from traditional packaging, but remains true to traditional German style winemaking and is a great introduction to the wines of the Mosel. The label gives you a good idea of the vibrant charming wine.

As you can see in the picture to the right, the vineyards of the Mosel Valley rise precipitously skyward from the river below. This unique feature has been exploited by winegrowers since Roman times.

These clever and courageous growers recognized the fact that vines loved the steep slopes that allow them to soak up the sun’s rays and the warmth reflected from the river below. In this cooler northern climate with a short growing season, this extra sunlight and warmth is crucial to allow the grapes to fully ripen.

If you’re organizing a spring baby or wedding shower or a graduation party, put a couple of bottles of Bloom on the table - you won’t find a more popular centerpiece!

For the ladies out there, how about an at-home spa party with all your girlfriends? Order some healthy finger foods and chill some Bloom, everyone will love it!

Don’t be afraid of serving this wine with food either. The slight sweetness requires a little extra care when choosing, but it’s absolutely delicious with Thai or Vietnamese cuisine!