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Foxbrook Shiraz

2013 Blackberries and nuances of spice and pepper mingle on the intensely fruity bouquet. The sensation of sun-ripened fruit follows through when you taste the wine too. It’s medium-bodied and rich with smooth tannins giving way to a long finale. Good balance between the fruit and acidity and just enough oak to add a touch of sophistication.
$9.00 / Bottle   $108.00 / Case
SALE $6.49 / Bottle   $77.88 / Case

Additional Information

Looking for an everyday wine that’s both good and versatile? Then Foxbrook is just the wine for you! We are always on the lookout for delicious wines, but when we taste something that is good and at a great price we know we’ve got a winner.

Rows of Shiraz grapes ripening under the warm California sun, almost ready to be harvested.

You can enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner every night if you have Foxbrook on hand! Not only is it priced for everyday satisfaction, it’s the kind of wine you can serve with many different kinds of cuisine.

No formality with Foxbrook! As long as you’ve got a corkscrew and glasses this wine will be a hit on any occasion! Plus, you don’t need to age it or open it up ahead of time to let it breathe - it’s ready to drink right now.

Shiraz or syrah can be made in many different styles. From the intensely concentrated and complicated wines of the northern Rhone Valley to the approachable easygoing wines of California, Syrah/Shiraz are loved by everyone!

California has got the warm, sunny climate that shiraz thrives in. When you’ve got a combination of ideal growing conditions, a talented winemaker who knows what people like and a modern winery with the latest and best equipment - you get good wines at great prices for everyday enjoyment and we’re glad we found this gem for you!

Don’t miss out on this great value. Foxbrook is a wine to have on hand for any kind of event or situation. Or even celebrating nothing more special than getting home after a full day at the office or washing the car!

Pour yourself a glass of Shiraz, order some pizza, sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening or put on your apron and cook up a quick dinner.

Great with steak fajitas, pasta in red sauce or grilled sausages. Don’t be afraid to cook with this wine too, just be sure to save some for the table!