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Chateau Maris Minervois La Touge

2004 A powerful red wine in the style of the region. Concentrated aromas of blackberry and currant harmonize with characteristic bouquet of local wild herb or "garrigue", smoke and spice. Full-bodied and rich, with dense ripe tannins that are impressive yet not overwhelming or harsh. Nice mix of depth and finesse.
$26.00 / Bottle   $312.00 / Case

Additional Information

If respect for the environment is important to you, then you can serve Château Maris at your next dinner knowing that it was produced using biodynamic farming methods and natural winemaking techniques.

The village of Livinière in the Minervois appellation of Languedoc-Roussillon.

You might expect to pay a lot more for a wine like this. It’s true that organic farming requires more intensive (and costly) hands-on labor and care, but luckily the climate of the Languedoc region is naturally favorable to organic viticulture.

The hot, dry Mediterranean summers with minimal rainfall help to keep disease and pests at bay, making it much easier to manage without relying upon chemical pesticides and fungicides.

Vines that are strong and healthy are naturally more resistant so on Château Maris’ 40 hectares of vineyards the only fertilizer that is used is home-made compost.

Life isn’t easy for these vines on the rocky arid slopes but the struggle forces them to grow strong and send their roots deep into the soil for sustenance. Yields are naturally low as a result, but the grapes these tough old vines produce are concentrated and full of intense flavor.

Château Maris is made from a traditional blend of Grenache, Syrah and a little Carignan, typical of Languedoc blends.

Although Château Maris is owned by Robert Eden, an Englishman, respect for local history and winemaking tradition are stronger here than at a lot of other wineries! "Bertie" loves the region and is passionate about its long history, especially that of the Cathars which has so deeply marked the Minervois region.

You can enjoy this wine right now, but remove the cork 30 minutes before serving to let it open up a bit. You can also set some aside to age for a few years, it will only gain in complexity!