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Vatistas Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 Full bodied and dry. Robust and very smooth with aromatic tones of warm spice and vanilla. Goes with full flavored dishes such as roast lamb, game and beef.
$30.00 / Bottle   $360.00 / Case

Additional Information

Yiannis Vatistas comes from good farming stock. No surprise, then, that during the height of the wine renaissance in Greece during the 1980s it occurred to him to explore the possibility of reviving one of Greece's most storied wine producing regions: the area around Monemvasia in Lakonia. Vatistas began acquiring vineyards in 1986 in Ai-Nikola, near the bottom of the easternmost of the Peloponessos' three south-facing peninsulas. Soon thereafter, vineyards were planted a few kilometers north on the slopes of Pantanassas and other locations on either side of the long crest of Mount Krithina. In 1990 a small winery was built. Today the winery produces 13 products from vines cultivated on 16 1/2 hectares.