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Masseria Altmura Primitivo

2014 Smoky cola and plum flavors feature some intriguingly briary notes, but also veer toward prune and cooked fruit. A wine of a good body, it has a mouth-filling flavor that is warm and soft and expresses a highly mature fruitiness, supported by a pleasant complex of sweet tannins. Delicious with richly-flavored dishes, barbecued meats and fairly mature cheeses.
$30.00 / Bottle   $360.00 / Case
SALE $18.99 / Bottle   $227.88 / Case

Additional Information

The term “masseria” derives from the archaic Latin "massa" (yeast, dough), which was in turn based on the Greek "mâza" (a mass of kneaded flour, or barley bread). After various semantic mutations, in traditional Puglian terminology it has come to signify a rural structure which involves the cultivation of fields and the raising of animals.

The history of Masseria Altemura begins with the foundation of the village of Torre Santa Susanna (400-500 B.C.) and its subsequent colonization by the Messapians. Masseria Altemura is situated in the countryside of the area between Torre Santa Susanna and Oria. Lying halfway between the two Seas that border the coasts of Puglia, the Ionian and the Adriatic, the Estate is situated in the heart of the Salento Peninsula and covers some 300 hectares (740 acres), of which 98 are planted to vines (becoming 150 by the end of 2008. The benefits derived from this geographical position are absolutely unique because the maritime climate and the great intensity of the sunlight represent further favorable conditions for growing vines and other Mediterranean crops.

The present layout of Masseria Altemura is the result of the unification of the Palombara and Monteverde estates, which once belonged to the noble family of the Counts Martini Carissimo. The new nucleus of the farm has been completely restored, with maximum respect for Puglian architectural and environmental traditions and values. Also, the tall, massive tower built during the rule of the Aragonese for transmitting messages by means of pigeons (palombi: hence the name “Palombara”) has been refurbished. Today, five families of employees live within the estate’s grounds.

The wines of Masseria Altemura reflect the Zonin family’s dedication to expressing the utmost respect for the traditions of a given territory as well as the family’s deep-rooted production philosophy, which has always been geared towards promoting and giving new life to indigenous grape varieties. Consequently in the Salento area, an extraordinary zone which yields wines of both great flavor and charm, the Zonins have sought to highlight the products’ links with vineyards of special quality (the crus) and their interrelationship with the human, historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the area.