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Red Guitar Navarra

2011 This blockbuster has a complex bouquet that combines luscious cherries with a hint of sweet tobacco and wood smoke. It’s packed with dense black fruit, raspberry highlights and amazingly smooth full tannins. The perfect touch of acidity provides balance and prevents the wine from becoming too heavy on the palate.
$19.00 / Bottle   $228.00 / Case

Additional Information

Sometimes when young and old come together, amazing results can be achieved. This is the story behind Red Guitar.

Some young whippersnappers (with very good taste) were so impressed by some of the wines they were tasting from Spain that they decided to go over there themselves and see what the Spaniard’s secret was.

After tramping around rocky dry vineyards under the baking hot sun, some locals opened up to them and showed them their treasure. Most people would take one look at those stunted, gnarly vines and think they needed to be ripped out and replaced by the nice neat rows they’ve seen in Napa.

That’s right, up on the rocky hills above the sleepy village of Lerga not too far from Pamplona these guys had a treasure trove of ancient vineyards, some of them over 110 years old if you can believe it (the vines, not the farmers)!

Happily for us, our intrepid crew realized just how lucky they were to be let in on this secret. Even more fortunately for us, the farmers were interested in pairing up with their new friends to produce a wine using their grapes!

The secret isn’t such a secret anymore, "Old Vine" is proudly displayed on the front label so now everyone will know how this wine gets its incredible concentration and depth. Old vines produce fewer grapes but the grapes have thicker skins and more intense flavors.

The young folks deserve their share of the credit for this wine too. They helped craft the luscious grapes into this stylish smooth new wine using their 21st century winemaking expertise.

This wine is ready to drink right now, the tannins are so velvety soft. Don’t be afraid to hold onto it for a couple of years, it’s got the concentration and backbone to evolve quite nicely!