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Hayman & Hill Pinot Noir

2007 This elegant wine has a dense, fruit-packed bouquet overflowing with aromas of black cherry, black raspberry and spice that give way to bright flavors of cherry. Melts into the irresistible velvety, polished tannins accented by a soft hint of vanilla that leads into a long silky finish.
$35.00 / Bottle   $420.00 / Case

Additional Information

Are you a fan of luscious, seductive wines? If you’ve got a taste for notoriously temperamental and difficult-to-grow Pinot Noir, your passion will be rewarded with this hedonistic wine!

Early morning fog in the vineyards of California is perfect for finicky Pinot Noir. The grapes really express their best in cooler climates like this.

Pinot Noir lovers from all over always have the same complaint, "I’m crazy about these wines but they’re always so much more expensive than the others and bad Pinot Noir is really unpleasant - what can I do?".

While we can’t change the way Pinot Noir is - it’s just hard to grow and doesn’t adapt easily to different climates and the extra care and labor required end up making it cost more - we can give you some help by weeding out the thin, astringent tasting wines and offering you the best bottles we’ve tasted.

We knew right off the bat, from the first whiff of the beautiful bouquet that we had a sure winner on our hands (actually in our glasses) and we couldn’t wait to offer it to you!

Hayman & Hill is a fairly young winery, but the two men behind the label, David Hayman and Dennis Hill have many years of international winemaking experience behind them.

David hails from Australia while Dennis has been making wine in California for over 25 years. They teamed up to create Hayman & Hill because as David says, "With the resources and relationships David and I have developed over the years with leading growers in California’s top appellations, we’re able to discover incredible parcels of fruit that offer remarkable drinking pleasure and value."

We’ll raise our glass to that! If you love Pinot Noir, get yourself some of this while it lasts! Savor this wine on its own or serve it with tangy sweet and sour sauteed tofu and vegetables, a rich braised beef with caramelized carrots or with pasta tossed in a creamy truffle infused sauce.