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Ique Malbec

2014 Concentrated bouquet is just bursting with tempting smoky ripe blackberry aromas. On the palate this wine is full-bodied and dense; packed with intense plummy flavors and irresistibly smooth rich tannins. This wine shows off the best that Malbec has to offer, with uncommon complexity and balance.
$24.99 / Bottle   $299.88 / Case
SALE $14.99 / Bottle   $179.88 / Case

Additional Information

This wine deserves cult status! If you’re at all familiar with the phenomenon of cult wines in California, you’ll know that the term is generally used to refer to wines that are concentrated, full-bodied, limited in production and really expensive!

At Bodega Foster, all of the grapes are harvested by hand and quickly transported to the winery where another team gives them a thorough inspection, removing any damaged or unripe berries before fermentation.

Ique fits the description until you get to the price, which is probably what you might expect to pay for a single glass of one of those CA cult wines!

Ique is the signature wine of Bodega Enrique Foster and Malbec is their specialty. We don’t know of any other winery that is so single-mindedly devoted to the grape that has become the flagship of Argentinean wine.

When Enrique decides to do something, he doesn’t go about it half-heartedly. First he searched out vineyards in the Lujan de Cuyo, the world’s premier location for Malbec. He found two vineyards, one with ungrafted vines over 80 years old! The grapes were being sold to local wineries and blended into the bulk tanks!

Once the vineyards were located, he turned his attention to creating a state-of-the-art winery. After studying the layout of some of the best wineries in the world, they decided upon a gravity-flow system which eliminates pumping and is more gentle on the wines.

Easier said than done on the flat plains of Mendoza! No problem for Enrique, who simply installed cranes and elevators to raise the tanks to the required level so that natural gravity could do the work!

Think of Enrique’s uncompromising dedication to quality when you taste Ique and marvel at the value you’re getting!