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Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Rose

2011 A vibrant mixture of elegance and exuberance. The aroma of crushed strawberries and raspberries explodes out of the glass. When you taste it, you may be surprised by the concentration of sweet fruit. Spicy flavors toy with the fruit, giving this wine a lot of personality. Crisp acidity defines everything and guarantees that the wine isn’t too dull or soft. This wine has everything in balance right down to the snappy dry finish.
$16.00 / Bottle   $192.00 / Case

Additional Information

They are some of the most refreshing delicious wines around! Get over any preconceived notions that Rosés are all too sweet and give you a headache. Get in on the secret behind the best summer parties. Get Rosé!

The rolling hills of the Rioja Alta.

This one is definitely not white zinfandel. It’s a grown-up and sophisticated wine, good enough to be served in crystal at a fancy dinner party. Rosé is really most comfortable though when it’s poured straight from the icy cold bottle into a plain glass tumbler with some grilled shrimp or a plateful of hamburgers.

Good Rosé is a wine that can stand on its own merits. It’s not the result of a mistake, or a way to cover up bad wine. It’s not a mix of red and white wines. It’s a mystery why they don’t get the respect they deserve.

At the Marqués de Cáceres winery, they make Rosé using the saignée method which literally means bleeding the grapes. And no, this is not a holdover from the Spanish Inquisition.

Basically, red grapes are placed in a tank and the juice is allowed to flow out for a few hours. Since the contact with the grape skins (where all of the pigments are located) is fairly limited, the juice is pink instead of purple. This juice is then fermented separately from the original grapes (which go on to macerate for longer producing red wine) to make Rosé.

With its hot dry climate, Spain is the ideal home for Rosé. It is the perfect wine to accompany tapas or to cool off after a hot flamenco session!

The Marqués de Cáceres Rosé is made from the traditional grapes of Rioja. A blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha, grape varieties that give the wine its spicy character.

Go ahead and try Rosé this summer, you won’t be disappointed. This wine goes well with just about any kind of food. On its own it makes an aperitif that hits the spot on a hot day!