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Vignamaggio Obsession Super Tuscan

2008 Intensely red, with a very complex nose offering hints of fruit, spices and licorice; on the palate it is soft, structured and deep. It is a perfect match for baked pasta dishes, game, roasted meat or aged cheeses.
$50.00 / Bottle   $600.00 / Case

Additional Information

It didn't take Gianni Nunziante long to realize, after buying Villa Vignamaggio, that winemakers were different from everyone else. "All they talked about is wine," he recalls. "I couldn't even get them to talk about soccer." With time he was bitten by the bug too, and decided to make a wine that wasn't Sangiovese plus something. Rather, he wanted to make a completely unconventional wine, with different grapes, different vines (from France) and planted by different people. So he brought in French vineyard workers, who planted 5 hectares of vines in three days, working around the clock to do so.

When they planted them by machine, it caused a stir in the area because nobody did it that way then in Tuscany. The combination of the Bordeaux blend and Syrah is again unusual, but has worked quite well. The vineyard, which is planted to a density of 5000 vines per hectare, is by now 12 years old, and is coming into maturity; the hesitancy of the first years is becoming assurance. Merlot, 60% of the blend, holds things together, because it grows very well in the area, with considerable consistency. The remainder is Cabernet and Syrah, in varying percentages.

In Tuscany it is rare to make a wine without Sangiovese grapes: “Wine Obsession” is made solely with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. After harvesting the grapes according to each variety’s maturation, vinification takes place in temperature controlled, stainless steel vats. Aging is carried out in barriques for 15-18 months. Each carton has 6 different labels that refer to a particular theme and every 3 years a new theme is selected.