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Dad's Day Off Chianti

2012 Fresh, fruity, well-balanced wine. It is spicy and characteristic of wines from Chianti. Pair with red meats, pork and full-flavored pasta dishes.
$18.00 / Bottle   $216.00 / Case

Additional Information

Southern Italy isn’t the first place you might think to look for a tasty Sangiovese, but prepare to be pleasantly surprised like we were!

Even if you can’t send your Dad here for Father’s Day, you can get him some wine from the region!

Puglia, which spans Italy’s long “heel” from northwest to southeast, rivals Sicily for being the largest wine producing region in Italy. In fact, this one small region produces almost twice as much wine as all of Australia!

For years, Puglia was primarily known as a supplier of inexpensive strong, darkly colored wines as well as must and concentrate, that were used to strengthen more insipid wines from northern Italy and also in France. White wines from the region were produced for the most part to be used as blending wines for Vermouth.

But like many other viticultural areas in Europe, the region has undergone massive changes over the past generation, both in the vineyards and in the wineries. The emphasis has shifted from quantity to quality. This transformation has been helped along by large investments both foreign and domestic.

Vineyards are being more carefully controlled and yields are being lowered in search of high quality wine grapes. Growers are introducing new grape varieties (like Pinot Noir) and they’re turning the spotlight on the indigenous grape varieties native to the region. There is room for both in Puglia!

There’s a saying in the wine business, “you can’t make great wine from bad grapes, but you can make bad wine from good grapes”. The vineyards are important, but the greatest change recently has taken place in the wine cellars of Puglia.