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Il Poggio Sangiovese

2015 Sangiovese makes quaffable wines that are bright and fruity and Il Poggio is no exception. The aromatic bouquet is highlighted with strawberry and red cherry. Vivid flavors of red fruit fuse with darker, earthy, smoky, tobacco notes when you taste it. Il Poggio is drier on the finish than the St. George Cabernet with more verve and zippy acidity characteristic of Sangiovese.
$20.00 / Bottle   $240.00 / Case

Additional Information

Sangiovese originally achieved fame inside straw covered Chianti fiasci that later graced countless college students’ tables as candle holders.

The Sangiovese grape has much nobler origins than this image evokes however. It is indigenous to Tuscany in northwestern Italy, where it was known to Roman winemakers as Sanguis Jovis or Blood of Jove.

At least 14 different clones of Sangiovese are recognized, and in true Italian fashion, each village thinks their version is better than their neighbor’s.

The Sangiovese di Romagna is said to produce wines that mature more rapidly and have a richer fragrance. It prospers on the beautiful hills of Emilia Romagna in the region between Bologna and Rimini on the eastern coast.

This is where Umberto Cesari has 130 acres of vineyards near the ancient Roman road leading from Milano to Rimini.

Il Poggio is considered by many to produce some of the best wines of Emilia Romagna. They all come from Cesari family vineyards.

Mr. Cesari is a thoroughly modern man with deep attachments to his beloved Emilia Romagna. He is also a big fan of Sangiovese and he believes in allowing the grape to express its distinctive personality in the wine.

To achieve this, Mr. Cesari ferments the wine in stainless steel. He also carefully monitors the temperature during fermentation so it doesn’t get too hot and destroy the lovely fruit aromas.

The wine never touches oak either. That would only cover up the strawberry and cherry flavors, which would be a shame!

This wine is meant to be consumed young and fresh. If it’s warm out, don’t be afraid to put the bottle in the refrigerator or in an ice bucket to chill for 15 or 20 minutes before pulling the cork. Go ahead, try it!

Red wines are often served too warm. Fruity red wines taste better when consumed slightly cool. Think cellar temperature - it’s not just something wine snobs say to show off.

Il Poggio is just the thing to go with pizza, spaghetti in marinara sauce or even baked ziti.

That doesn’t mean you can’t serve it with fancier dishes though. Sangiovese’s natural acidity makes it an ideal wine for the table. Make sure you don’t forget to set out the special candle holders!