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Fish Eye Merlot

2014 Juicy ripe summertime fruit in a glass, this wine is loaded with aromas of freshly picked and crushed blueberries, strawberries and sweet plums. It’s irresistibly smooth and lush on the palate and filled with flavors of blackberry rounded out with a touch of clove on the finish.
$10.00 / Bottle   $120.00 / Case
SALE $7.99 / Bottle   $95.88 / Case

Additional Information

Knock the socks off a wine snob! You could call this wine a quaffer, pizza wine, "plonk" if you were in Britain (where they love a good value so much there’s a wine buyer’s guide to "superplonk"!) or the latest bizarre twist on animal labels.

Forgive us, this doesn’t have much to do with wine per se, but it’s cold up north and Fish Eye’s Merlot conjures up images of a tropical paradise.

Whatever you choose to call this yummy little red wine, the bottom line is the bottom line - you’ll be hard pressed to find better value for your dollar.

The folks at Fish Eye Winery are all about fun. Even though the wines have been winning awards right and left, they’re not fishing for compliments. They just want you to be able to grab a bottle of their wine and enjoy it without any fuss or hype whether you’re headed out for a barbecue on the beach or ordering a pizza at home.

All the obvious seafood-related puns aside, they’re quite serious about what goes into the bottle. They carefully select their grapes from some of the best vineyard sites in California ranging from the North Coast and Monterey all the way down to the South Coast.

The winery itself is located in sunny Soledad, California. Even though they credit their Mediterranean-like climate "with its warm summer days and cool nights and soils that are deep and well-draining" for their consistently delicious wines, we know how much work goes on in the cellar.

Transforming even the best grapes into wine requires a highly skilled and passionate crew of winemakers and cellar hands. Winemaking at Fish Eye is pretty straightforward, using stainless steel tanks for fermentation and storage for a fruit-forward styled wine.

An efficient, well-equipped modern wine cellar helps keep costs down so everyone can afford to share a bottle with their friends.

Enjoy this wine at the picnic table with anything off the grill or at home with pasta.