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25 Lagunas Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Deep, inky color that alludes to its rich dark fruit layers. Notes of espresso, toasted oak and chocolate give the sturdy mid-palate an edgy undertone. A plush, velvety mouthfeel creates a refined smoothness that leads the way to a long, silky finish.
$15.00 / Bottle   $180.00 / Case

Additional Information

From Argentina come some of the best wine values to be found in the market. 25 Lagunas is from the up-and-coming San Juan region 1300 km from Buenos Aires. San Juan province is the second largest wine producing region in Argentina. It was once known for producing sweet wines, but growers have been focusing on red wines and dry whites like Torrontes and the region’s reputation is growing.

Fincas Rewen, the winery that produces 25 Lagunas, has almost 400 acres of vineyards situated near the famous Cañada Honda in the area of Huanacache. The climate at an average elevation of 2000 feet above sea level is quite arid. San Juan is an arid wine region, known for intense sunlight. It is ideal for growing warm climate varietals. The region is practically uninhabited with vast expanses of vineyards that take their irrigation from the crystal clean runoff of the nearby Andes.

The soil has a unique story to tell also. The wine takes its name from a chain of 25 interconnected lagoons that were inhabited by the indigenous Huarpe tribes who traveled in small canoes called “Lagooners.” These lagoons have long since dried up leaving behind rich mineral deposits which have been recognized by growers as exceptional terroir for wine production.