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Gazela Vinho Verde

An irresistible bright fruity white wine. The bouquet is a lively mix of citrus and floral aromas. Soft flavors of apricot and grapefruit are perked up by the sparkling bubbles and balanced by delightful crisp acidity and strong minerality.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case
SALE $10.49 / Bottle   $125.88 / Case

Additional Information

Low price and low alcohol. Cool and refreshing Vinho Verde is the summer’s hot wine. With only 9% alcohol, it’s a perfect quaffer for a warm day. Typically the wine has a slight spritziness which adds to the charm.

An example of the high trellised vineyards along a pathway. This is a system that allows the full use of unproductive ground; it’s common to grow potatoes under trellised vines in the edges of the fields!

Gazela is made at Quinta de Azevedo winery, owned by Sogrape Vinhos near Barcelos, in the Vinho Verde region located in northwest Portugal.

Until fairly recently, coarse, acidic, and weak red wines prevailed in the area. From 1970 onwards, vineyards were modernized and white wines became the region’s standard bearers. Until then, the vineyards looked much like they did in Roman times. Vines were grown up trees and trellises so high they had to be harvested on ladders! This saved ground space for other food crops to be raised.

The switch to white wines put Vinho Verde on the map. The region’s acid-rich granite soils, the hilly landscape strongly influenced by the cool Atlantic climate and the variety of native grape varieties combine to produce wines with strong distinctive personality and originality.

Gazela is made from a blend of Loureiro, Trajadura, Azal and Pedernã. The grapes are harvested by hand and undergo careful vinification at temperatures kept below 16ºC to preserve the natural fruit and refreshing acidity that makes Vinho Verde so distinctive and delicious.

Crack open a well-chilled bottle of Gazela and let the spritz tickle your tongue! It makes an ideal aperitif and a perfect picnic wine - you don’t even need a corkscrew!