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Astica Malbec

2014 Classic Argentine Malbec with a subtle bouquet of violets and black cherry graced by a hint of mint and herbs. Dense ripe plum flavors give the wine body and a soft texture while the smooth tannins make it a pleasure to drink.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case

Additional Information

Curious about what makes a country’s flagship wine? Malbec has become as closely linked with Argentina as Pinotage and South Africa, Sauvignon Blanc and New Zealand, Nebbiolo and Piedmont or Shiraz and Australia. It’s the red varietal that has adapted best to Argentine soil and climate.

Incredibly, every last grape that goes into Astica’s wines is painstakingly picked by hand!

Malbec is highly susceptible to mildew, frost and rot. For this reason it is largely in decline elsewhere in the world while it thrives in Argentina’s sunny arid climate.

The only other place in the world where Malbec is the main component in wine is the Cahors appellation in Southwest France. In Bordeaux and California, it’s used as a minor blending grape.

The popularity of Malbec is evidence that Argentina, the "sleeping giant" of the global wine industry, has successfully improved quality while managing fast growth to become one of the world’s foremost wine suppliers.

Astica, which means 'flower' in the language of Argentina’s indigenous people, is produced by Trapiche, one of the top wineries, in honor of the country’s native inhabitants.

The wines are produced from hand-picked fruit in the Cuyo Valley, which lies in the northern part of Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes - where Malbec thrives. The wine is carefully vinified in stainless steel in a style intended to showcase the fruit’s natural character.

This dark, spicy, wine makes a perfect match for the famous grass-fed beef of Argentina or with a plate of pasta in red sauce.