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Silver Ridge Pinot Noir

2014 You might be surprised by this discreet wine offering aromas of red currant that deepen to blackberry with shades of earthy leather as it opens on the palate leaving the impression of light tannins; medium acidity finishing with a touch of clove & vanilla.
$25.00 / Bottle   $300.00 / Case
SALE $18.99 / Bottle   $227.88 / Case

Additional Information

Good wine is good wine regardless who made it. Choosing a wine in a supermarket or retail store can be like a blind tasting in reverse.

Notice the small, tight clusters of Pinot Noir. This, with the thin skins, render them susceptible to disease.

Judges in a blind tasting aren’t influenced by the label, only by the wine in the glass. On the shelf, the consumer is often forced to base his or her selection solely on the label.

What may appear to be an overwhelming number of different wine labels may be produced by a select group of huge wine companies.

Globalization, mergers and acquisitions haven’t spared the wine industry. It may maintain its romantic "peasant cultivating his patch of grapes" image, but the wine business is a business after all and the economies of scale realized by the big guys make many wines affordable.

Judge a wine by what’s in the glass and by your own personal standards, not by the label or based on how much it cost. If you keep an open mind, you’ll be surprised how many great values you can come across.

Silver Ridge is a classic example. It’s made by the Wine Group, one of the largest producers in the world. They’ve got thousands of acres of vineyards and a high-tech winery that looks more like a factory than a wine cellar.

Sure, the wine might lack the soul of Mas Cargols, but it offers an honest-to-goodness glass of wine for the money. Put aside any prejudices and pour yourself a glass of Pinot Noir on one of those "whenever" occasions, you won’t be disappointed!