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Parducci Petite Sirah

2010 This wine has a dense bouquet that’s jam-packed with black fruit and hints of leather, black pepper and spice. The flavors on the palate are smooth with layers of ripe black cherry, toast and chocolate complemented by supple tannins and a graceful touch of oak.
$20.00 / Bottle   $240.00 / Case

Additional Information

Parducci is owned in partnership by the grape farming families of Tom and Tim Thornhill and Paul Dolan. They purchased the historic Parducci Wine Cellars with a shared vision to produce wines connected to the people and the land of Mendocino County.

Parducci’s answer to weed control, they also contribute to the natural fertilization program!

Tom, Tim and Paul are dedicated to setting an example of quality and environmental sustainability for other wineries to follow. They’re doing the right things to make a healthier planet while making delicious wines.

Parducci is committed to Mendocino. All of their grapes come from locally owned and operated farms. Buying local supports local family farms. And because the grapes don’t have to travel far, they have more control over quality, and help protect the environment by burning less fossil fuel.

By sponsoring local farmers markets and using local farm products at their tasting room and events, they directly support their local agricultural community.

Certified farming practices (a mix of organic, fish-friendly and biodynamic techniques are employed) and an intensive reduce-reuse-recycle program protect the environment. Their synthetic chemical free farming practices are certified by "California Certified Organic Farmers" and their Biodynamic vineyards, holistically managed as living organisms, are certified by "Demeter."

"The greatest challenge we face in the world today is global warming. All of us, individuals and businesses, must do all we can to meet this challenge," says Paul Dolan, co-owner of Parducci.

Parducci partnered with the California Climate Action Registry to become carbon neutral in 3 years. Solar power panels supply electricity, earth-friendly materials (tree-free and 100% post-consumer recycled paper, unbleached cardboard and soy-based inks) are used for all printing and packaging needs, and biodiesel is used in their tractors and cars.