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Grayson Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 The bouquet shows a mixture of black cherry, plum and a hint of herbs and spice. The palate is lush and rich with ripe berry flavors and a note of chocolate. The sweet, ripe tannins create a soft and supple texture with a long finish that makes for easy drinking.
$22.99 / Bottle   $275.88 / Case
SALE $18.74 / Bottle   $224.88 / Case

Additional Information

Want the Napa experience without the Napa price tag? Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons will cost you at least $50 or more. The more renowned labels are even more expensive, well over $100 a bottle.

Paso Robles Cabernet vines look much like Napa Valley Cabernet vines don’t they?

Inexpensive Cabernets have always been around, but if you are looking for the seductive aromas and rich flavors of a really fine Cabernet then you know how difficult it is to find the right balance between quality and price.

The founders of Grayson wanted to prove that they could use their Napa Valley winemaking skills to create some of the highest quality wines at a reasonable price point. They knew that their decades of Napa experience would give them the edge.

Grayson wines are carefully crafted by Brian Mox and Larry Levin, who are among the most experienced winemakers in the Napa Valley.

Even the best winemakers need good grapes before they can make good wine though. Napa was out of the question as the prices asked by farmers there have gone sky-high.

The up-and-coming region of Paso Robles was finally selected as the source of fine Cabernet grapes.

Paso Robles benefits from the largest variation between high daytime and low nighttime temperatures of any region in California as a result of the cool marine air that flows east through the valley. The region's summer weather is characterized by warm, sunny days, without clouds, fog or severe winds to damage the vines. Harvest time is typically rain-free and warm, giving Paso Robles vines the advantage of time to produce fully mature, healthy fruit.

Grayson is made from a blend of 89% Cabernet Sauvignon and 11% Merlot. The Merlot gives the wine depth and a softer touch for earlier drinking. It’s aged for several months in French oak barrels.

So if you are dreaming of splurging on a great classically styled Cabernet, plan on putting it away for ten years before enjoying it. If you can’t wait and don’t want to spend a fortune, then try Grayson Cabernet.