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Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 This wine is smooth, from first whiff to lingering finale it’s one smooth seamless ride. Aromas of black cassis, blueberry, caramel and cedar ease onto your palate in a luscious, juicy, richly textured wine with a judicious touch of oak to add a vanilla flavor on the finish.
$26.00 / Bottle   $312.00 / Case
SALE $23.34 / Bottle   $280.08 / Case

Additional Information

Wine can be intimidating, it may seem accessible only to the initiated but it doesn’t need to be. Sure, there are complex concepts like “terroir”, complicated winemaking techniques with French-sounding names, even different levels of “toast” when it comes to oak barrels but when you put your tastebuds in the hands of a master, you don’t have to think about all of those things if you don’t want to.

Part of the secret to Avalon is the Monterey Merlot they add to the blend from vineyards like these in the cool Monterey region.

Alex Cose and Derek Benham of Avalon are two guys you can trust. They’re veterans of the California wine industry, they know the tricks of the trade and best of all they’re on your side. Their goal is to produce really good wine that gives you more value than you’re used to for the price of a bottle of wine.

Take Avalon’s California Cabernet for example. It’s made from grapes selected in the best vineyard locations all over the state. From the Central Coast, Santa Barbara up through Monterey into Northern Californa’s celebrated Napa and Sonoma Valleys and each lot is kept separate until final blending.

Winemaker Alex Cose chooses to ferment the grapes in stainless steel tanks. The crushed grapes are chilled for three days prior to fermentation to help extract color and fruit flavors.

The must is then inoculated with yeast to initiate fermentation which generally takes around two weeks. When the primary fermentation is complete, the wine is pressed and transferred to oak barrels for further aging.

There are sometimes up to 50 different wines to track. Alex can take weeks to put together the perfect blend. This is the “fine art of winemaking”.

The final blend in 2006 ended up containing 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah and 4% Merlot. You’ll be surprised at the level of complexity and depth in this wine; serve it to friends and see if they can guess what you paid for it!