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Avia Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot

2010 Dark ruby red color with shades of violet. Pleasant fruity nose with nuances of blackberry, strawberry and hints of toasted oak. The beautiful flavors are harmoniously joined, aged in oak and result in a smooth yet full bodied taste. The best qualities of Cabernet and Merlot combine at the wine masters' hand resulting in a wine of notable depth and intensity.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case
SALE $7.99 / Bottle   $95.88 / Case

Additional Information

Wine from Slovenia? Before you turn up your nose you should know that the Goriška Brda winery where Avia is bottled is only 20 miles from Trieste, Italy. Surely you’ve had some delicious wines from this corner of northeastern Italy before. Across the border in the beautiful Dobrovno region the only difference you’ll notice (wine-wise that is) is the much lower price of a bottle of local wine. As far as the vines are concerned, the terroir and climate are the same as nearby Italy!

Got your attention yet? Who wouldn’t want to save some money while drinking wines that are just as good as their more well-known neighbors? Wine’s been made in Slovenia thousands of years, they’ve got as much experience as the next guy. The only thing holding Slovenian wineries back all these years has been the bitter geopolitical conflicts that have nothing to do with the quality of wine! Now is the time to discover these great values from this unknown winery!