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Gato Negro Chardonnay

2015 Tropical fruit aromas of mango, papaya, pineapple, and bananas prevail on the nose. The warm, inviting fruit flavors carry through on the palate but the wine is saved from being too soft by the citrusy acidity.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case
SALE $6.59 / Bottle   $79.08 / Case

Additional Information

Wines have been made under the Gato Negro label since 1960. Viña San Pedro has undergone major improvements both in the winery and in the vineyards over the past decade.

Chardonnay grapes at harvest time.

Viña San Pedro’s main winemaking facility in Curicó is one of the most modern wineries in all of South America. CCU, the current owners of Viña San Pedro, have invested heavily in the winery over the past ten years.

The Molina plant contains specialized equipment for the fermentation and aging of both white and red wines. State-of-the-art temperature controlled, automated tanks are used for vinification and maturation of some wines while a barrel-aging cellar at the perfect temperature and humidity is available for carefully monitored barrel aging.

The latest winemaking techniques like cold soak and microoxygenation are available to use on the wines as the winemakers see fit.

The winery’s vinification capacity is 38 million litres. The bottling plant contains three entire lines and is capable of bottling up to 27,000 bottles per hour.

Gato Negro wines are fermented cool, to retain all their clean, vibrant varietal flavors and bright, cool climate acidity. They’re bottled and released for early enjoyment.