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Montpellier Syrah

2014 A seductive bouquet of warm, ripe black fruits with a subtle dose of sweet tobacco and spice lures you in where you’ll find a wine with soft, supple tannins, cherry and plum flavors and a nice touch of oak on the finish.
$13.50 / Bottle   $162.00 / Case
SALE $7.99 / Bottle   $95.88 / Case

Additional Information

Just like real estate, the wine business is obsessed with the importance of location, location, location. Grapevines are hardy plants. They can be coaxed to grow in landscapes that can only be described as lunar, but if you take a survey of the best vineyard sites in the world you’ll find a few common denominators.

California has some of the greatest vineyard land in the world!

First is a sufficiently long growing season, second is ample sunlight to ripen the grapes. The site must have the necessary mineral elements, a steady and adequate supply of water for healthy vine growth and it must have enough drainage so both water and air don’t stagnate around the vines.

Viticultural specialists use “Growing Degree Days” to measure a site’s potential. Without getting too technical this is a measure of quantify heat available for vine development during the growing season.

To give you an idea of how different wine regions compare, Bordeaux has an average “Seasonal Degree Day Accumulation” of 2,464; Canberra, Australia has 2,714; St. Helena, California in Napa Valley comes in at 3,302 and topping the list by a long shot is Fresno, California with 4,684!

The boring technical part is over and you might be wondering why we’re bothering to tell you all this. Well, Fresno is the heart of California’s impressive Central Valley and also where Bronco Wine Company, the producers of Montpellier, is situated.

Bronco (co-owned by Fred Franzia, his brother, and a cousin) owns over 35,000 acres of vineyards, the bulk of which are located in the sunny Central Valley.

Bronco Wine Company produces a lot of wine—about 60 million gallons—these folks know what they’re doing. Big isn’t bad, it means affordably priced, consistently good wines!