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Portillo Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 A dense & brooding wine packed with plum and prune aromas backed by chocolate and black pepper accents. Full-bodied with good structure, round lush tannins, medium acidity and a long, velvety finish.
$20.00 / Bottle   $240.00 / Case

Additional Information

Situated on a high plateau in the Uco Valley of Argentina’s Mendoza region, the El Portillo winery and vineyards are at the cutting edge of Argentine winemaking.

Magnificent bodega with an incredible view of the Andes!

Bodega El Portillo (El Portillo means “portal” or “gateway”) epitomizes their dedication to harmony with nature. It’s constructed of local materials, including stones quarried from a nearby valley. Ancient masonry techniques mastered by the indigenous population were revived for its construction providing new and welcome opportunities for skilled local craftsmen. The entire winery is designed to allow gravity flow to move the wine from harvest to bottle.

The grapes are entirely hand harvested and gently destemmed. The crushed grapes or must undergo cold maceration at 7° to 10°C in stainless steel tanks for about 24 hours before fermentation. This helps develop the aromatic profile and increases color.

Fermentation starts with the addition of selected yeasts and lasts for 10 to 15 days. The winemakers eschew long alcoholic maceration to maintain the Cabernet’s fruity character.

The wine is then racked by the action of gravity, to storage tanks where it ages for several months before bottling. The use of gravity instead of mechanical pumps protects the wine from the risk of excess oxidation.