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Forestville Chardonnay

2015 Golden yellow color. Fruity, floral aromas and flavors of baked apple and honeysuckle and jasmine with a silky, vibrant, fruity light-to-medium body and an effortless, interesting, breezy pineapple upside down cake, apricot, and orange finish. A juicy, round, and spicy chardonnay that is sure to please.
$15.00 / Bottle   $180.00 / Case
SALE $9.74 / Bottle   $116.88 / Case

Additional Information

California Chardonnay's consistent quality has resulted in its enduring popularity with wine lovers.

Chardonnay grapes ripe for the picking!

Much ink has been spilled over the debate over whether California Chardonnay has become a victim of its own success, the “ABC” Anything But Chardonnay syndrome. Its place at the top of the ranking of US wine sales year after year should convince anyone who questions Chardonnay’s continuing popularity with consumers.

What is the secret behind this celebrity? The main factors of consistently good weather and modern winemaking technology play the most important role in California Chardonnay’s reliable high quality.

Wines like Forestville are beautiful examples of what classic California Chardonnay should be—lush, fruity, easy-drinking and affordable.

Where does a wine like Forestville come from? California to be sure, but more specifically the grapes used to produce the wine come from vineyards in the San Joaquin Valley.

If you had to create a place on earth where winegrapes would thrive, you couldn’t come up with anyplace more perfect than California’s Central Valley. Fertile soils and a sunny, warm climate make it ideal grape country. No wonder Fred Franzia and his family have acquired over 35,000 acres here.

The grapes are carefully monitored beginning in late summer to ensure they’re harvested at just the right moment. The juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperatures also carefully monitored and controlled during vinification so the wine retains its natural acidity.

When all the juice has completed fermenting, head winemaker Ed Moody tastes samples from each tank, carefully crafting a blend that maintains the Forestville’s style—a casual, easy-drinking wine for everyday.