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Rex Goliath Zinfandel

NV Fruit sourced throughout California delivers unique flavors from each viticultural area. The old-vine fruit from Lodi provides an abundance of ripe blackberry and cherry flavors. The Central Coast provides earthy, spicy, coffee/mocha notes. The “dry farmed” fruit from the Sierra Foothills provides the depth and complexity that really rounds out the flavor profile. This wine drinks well all by itself, but really opens up when complemented by beef stew, barbecued ribs or slow-roasted pork tenderloin.
$15.00 / Bottle   $180.00 / Case
SALE $11.99 / Bottle   $143.88 / Case

Additional Information

More than just another cute animal label! It’s an animal label inspired by the colorful legend of Rex Goliath, a 20th Century circus star.

HRM (His Royal Majesty) Rex Goliath was billed as the ‘World’s Largest Rooster’ weighing in at a ‘goliath’ 47 pounds. Rex traveled with a Texas Circus around the turn of the 20th Century.

The colorful poster that once hung above Rex’s circus roost captured the interest and imagination of Hahn Estates and in 2002, the Rex Goliath wine was born, with a colorful label inspired by the vintage circus banner that once hung above Rex’s Roost.

Mike Kafka is the man behind the bird, head winemaker for HRM Rex Goliath. He grew up in California’s Central Valley, surrounded by orchards, farms and vineyards. It was only natural that he went on to obtain a degree in enology from Cal State Fresno. Mike’s journey that eventually led him to doorstep of Rex began as a child. His father had a small backyard vineyard, and Mike would help him tend those vines. The two of them would make wine together in their garage, and give it to friends as gifts. For over 30 years now, Mike has helped his father make wine from fruit gathered in their own backyard vineyard, as well as using grapes from other growers.