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Delicato White Zinfandel

2009 Soft floral aromas as well as strawberry and cherry. Refreshing, juicy, fruit flavors of watermelon and strawberry are balanced by crisp acidity and a clean finish. Pairs perfectly with lighter fare, such as steamed mussels, grilled fish tacos, and Chinese Chicken Salad
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case

Additional Information

The Indelicato family should know what it takes to make any occasion special. The family has been making wines for three generations and over that time the family has seen its share of celebrations. Marriages, graduations, baby showers, awards, holidays, harvests. Heck, even a new tractor is reason enough to open a bottle of wine and make a toast!

The Indelicato family, where everyone works hard to make Grandfather Gasparé proud!

Gasparé Indelicato brought over his knowledge of vineyards and winemaking from Sicily. He also carried with him the deep-rooted family oriented values including the importance of a meal with good wine and good food as part of everyday life.

The Indelicato family carries on his legacy to this day. It’s not handed to them on a silver platter though. Like Grandfather Gasparé, each family member must work outside the family business for at least two years to gain experience and then work his or her way up the ladder, proving themselves alongside their coworkers.

This strategy has resulted in an extremely strong company that is composed of hardworking, competent people motivated by the same goals.

They take great pride in the wines they craft from their own vineyards especially the San Bernabe Vineyard located in the Monterey AVA. The family owns almost 5600 acres of vineyards in this wonderfully diverse landscape.

After the Zinfandel grapes are harvested, a “cap and drain” method is used which allows the wine to contact the skins for 6 hours before pressing. This gives the wine a darker color as well as extracting a greater amount of fruit flavors.