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La Poule Blanche Vin de Pays d’Oc

2014 This is a wine with an expressive bouquet; aromas of white flowers, green apple, peach and mango. It’s round and smooth and may appear deceptively simple on the palate, but you will find flavors of pear and lemon with a hint of minerality mingling with vanilla on the finish.
$17.00 / Bottle   $204.00 / Case

Additional Information

The French are often criticized for the complexity of their wine classification system and the rigidity of their regulations. Their system is based on centures of experience and tradition, but it can be awfully confusing for the average wine lover.

Beziers in the heart of the Languedoc wine growing region and source of grapes for La Poule Blanche.

La Poule Blanche ("the white chicken" - but you probably already figured that out from the label!) is an example of a new type of wine coming out of France these days. Wines meant to be simply enjoyed and not pretentious or intimidating.

Winemakers are beginning to think outside the box and coming up with unusual new blends that add themselves to the stable of the old classics.

Sacha Lichine is the man behind La Poule Blanche. He is the son of the icon Alexis Lichine and grew up steeped in the culture of wine. Although his family owned Château Prieuré Lichine in Bordeaux, he studied in the US.

Sacha is one of those larger-than-life men with an insatiable curiosity and the heart of an explorer. Being an observant and created traveller and businessman, he developed Vins Sans Frontieres, where the Old World meets the New. These wines are designed with the modern consumer in mind.

La Poule Blanche comes from selected vineyards in the Languedoc region, the vast basin along the Mediterranean.

In an intrepid move, Sacha decided to blend together grape varieties that are traditionally never seen in the same bottle! It’s a blend of 45% Chardonnay (the grape of Burgundy), 30% Sauvignon Blanc (used in Bordeaux and Sancerre) and 25% Viognier (the noble grape of Condrieu in the Rhône).

Combining French know-how with modern winemaking technology, this wine is made using skin contact before pressing (this helps extract more flavor and aromas and it also adds body to the wine), low temperature fermentation, and light oak aging (only 20%).

Serve chilled, La Poule Blanche makes an interesting aperitif. You could also serve it with a nice mixed salad, seafood fettucine or Greek style grilled chicken with lemon and herbs.