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Bricco Mondalino Barbera del Monferrato

2007 Refined opulence is a good description of this wine. Smoky ripe plum and sweet black cherry fruit dance on the nose. Velvety smooth on the palate, the silky light texture belies the intensity of flavor this wine contains for the lucky taster.
$21.50 / Bottle   $258.00 / Case

Additional Information

This wine is like a beautiful aria sung by a world class soprano, full of grace and beauty yet undeniably powerful at the same time.

Autumn in the vineyards of Piedmont with snow covered mountains in the background.

Maestro Mauro Gaudio, with his wife Gabriella, instill their wines with harmony and finesse. Mauro and Gabriella are Piemontese natives, just like their beloved Barbera grape. The Gaudio family is as deeply rooted in the rolling hills of Monferrato as their ancient vineyards.

Here the Piemontese dialect picks up a distinctive accent. The winery sits atop the Mondalino hill which gave the winery its name - "Bricco" refers to the highest point in the local Piemontese dialect - and offers a stunning view of terraced vineyards, tiny villages and the Alps in the distance.

The local grapes are perfectly adapted to the calcareous, marly soils on the hillsides and the cooler climate. Mauro, always faithful to the native grape varieties, has added a touch of Freisa, another native red grape, to this wine.

The Freisa (15% compared to 85% Barbera) adds a delightful fresh raspberry element to the wine. Barbera has a natural affinity to oak, and Mauro skillfully ages his wine for a mere 6 to 8 months in Slavonian oak barrels so the oak adds to the overall complexity without stealing the spotlight and overwhelming all of the other flavors in the wine.

Put on your favorite opera, sit back with a glass of Bricco Mondalino and savor its subtle notes as you slowly unwind. This is a wine to observe from one glass to the next, as aromas develop, intermingle, change and emerge. It’s best enjoyed in quiet company - a candlelight dinner of perfectly prepared melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon or a bubbling golden brown dish of vegetables au gratin.