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Canyon Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Focused cassis and cherry are heightened by a hint of cedar and spice on the nose. Ripe blackcurrant flavors fill the palate. Soft tannins, bright acidity and rich round fruit are all present in perfect equilibrium leading to a lengthy, smooth finish showing a hint of chocolate.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case
SALE $6.99 / Bottle   $83.88 / Case

Additional Information

If we’re not getting into as much detail about the type of soil the vineyards were grown in, the age of the vines, the direction the rows face, the particulars of the microclimate and the temperature of fermentation, the exact duration of maceration, the strain of yeast used or the length of aging it’s because these four wines are simply made to be enjoyed.

Freshly harvested grapes going into the crusher/destemmer before going into the fermentation tank.

Some wines are intended for greater analysis. Some wines can hold the attention of a group of tasters for hours igniting animated debate and conversation leading to lengthy tasting notes.

We want you to open up a bottle of Canyon Oaks, pour a glass and enjoy it with friends and family.

Don’t dwell on these wines, they’re not meant to be the center of attention. Talk about your day, about your plans for the weekend, about politics, about the weather, about anything. Benjamin Franklin said it best: "Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance."

If you’re looking for a more intellectual experience with these wines you can challenge yourself and your friends by bagging them and tasting them blind. Try to guess which is which—of course the Chardonnay will be easy!

If you want another challenge, you can try these wines against more expensive wines of the same varietal. See which one you like best and which one honestly delivers the best value for money.

There are many kinds of wine tasting experiences depending on the purpose behind the tasting, the mood (formal or casual), the setting (home or restaurant), the food and the wine itself.

Relaxing, laughing with your friends, sharing good food and enjoying life is what it all comes down to. Whatever the occasion, you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a glass from time to time.