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Forestville Merlot

2014 Bouquet dominated by the aroma of ripe black cherry with elegant toasty notes and a touch of spice. Medium-bodied with rich fruit flavors of plum, and blackcurrant. Well balanced with soft tannins and a long smooth finish.
$9.00 / Bottle   $108.00 / Case

Additional Information

It’s nice to take a break from those over-extracted, overpriced and over-the-top wines sometimes. Merlot is always an affable, easy-to-drink alternative that suits just about any occasion and goes well with many different kinds of food.

Some of Bronco Wine Company’s vineyards near Modesto, CA.

ForestVille wines are produced by Bronco Wine Company, one of California’s leading growers.

Bronco owns over 30,000 acres of California vineyards. Bronco is owned by the Franzia family who have grown grapes and produced wines in California for more than 100 years.

ForestVille is produced from top quality grapes selected from sunny California vineyards. Wines are produced to reflect each grape's varietal characteristics.

In 1986, ForestVille Vineyard was planted in the northern interior region of California. ForestVille Vineyard's combination of climate and geography makes for fully ripened grapes, which yield wines of extraordinary varietal character. ForestVille Vineyard's philosophy is to control all aspects of the grape growing and winemaking to ensure superb wines.

The Franzia Family’s commitment to the California winegrowing industry is strong. They have endowed the Bronco Wine Company Chair of Viticulture at California State University, Fresno to ensure that future viticulturalists have access to the best education and participate in cutting-edge research that will benefit the entire industry.

Winemaking is state-of-the-art as well. Due to its delicate nature, Merlot requires special handling in the winery.

Fermentation temperatures must be closely controlled. Too hot and cooked flavors will show up in the wine, too cold and the fruity aromas won’t develop. ForestVille has hit upon the perfect formula and produced a fruity, easy-drinking wine!