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Sycamore Lane Merlot 2017

2017 This distinctive Merlot displays classic aromas of ripe red cherry and plum with hints of tobacco, herbs and vanilla oak on the nose. The wine is medium-bodied with supple and fruity flavors of cherry and spice notes on the palate, and soft tannins on the finish.
$12.00 / Bottle   $144.00 / Case
SALE $5.99 / Bottle   $71.88 / Case

Additional Information

Does the vineyard influence how a wine tastes? Usually this question is associated with more expensive imported or single vineyard wines whose PR campaign revolves around the idea that their wine is made by nature.

Using grapes from different vineyards across the state helps mitigate the effect of bad weather in one particular location. Consistent quality is the name of the game, you won??t be disappointed!

While there is no question that certain vineyard sites give rise to wines with distinctive flavors, a visit to just about any winery in California will quickly reveal all kinds of computer driven high-tech winemaking equipment.

So what is the true impact of "terroir" on California wines? First of all, not every vineyard site is exceptional, capable of imparting a distinctive flavor to a wine. In the second place, modern winemaking techniques tend to attenuate any individual characteristics especially when wines are blended.

Not all wine is intended for intense, individual scrutiny though. Sometimes you just want a wine that??s enjoyable and affordable to have with your meal. In cases like this, consistency and immediate gratification are more important than individual character dominating the flavor of a wine.

Believe it or not, terroir plays an important (if unsung) role in creating everyday wines like Sycamore Lane. A skilled winemaker will use his or her knowledge of the characteristics of different vineyard sites combining them to craft a wine in which the sum of the parts is greater than any of the individual components.

The folks at Trinchero Family Estates know a thing or two about terroir. They produce some of California??s most exclusive and expensive single-vineyard bottlings.

All this experience is put to good use when they??re selecting grapes from various vineyards across the state for Sycamore Lane. Enjoy this wine again and again with just about any kind of food you like!