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Estrella Shiraz 2014

2014 This is a great wine especially for the price! Plum and black fruit aromas unfold in the bouquet. This is a medium-bodied wine with simple yet full fruit flavor over soft round tannins. It has a pleasant spicy flavor on the finish.
$10.00 / Bottle   $120.00 / Case
SALE $6.09 / Bottle   $73.08 / Case

Additional Information

In California, you can see wines labeled Shiraz, Petite Syrah, or just plain Syrah. Petite Syrah is the odd man out in this grouping. Although possibly a distant relative from the old country, it_??s actually a different grape than the other two - don_??t let the name fool you.

Syrah or Shiraz is a relative latecomer to California wine country. Some experimental plantings were made in the 1970_??s in Northern California_??s Mendocino region, but they never really took off at the time.

Lots of people tried it out all in other regions, but it was Gery Eberle_??s original Estrella River Vineyard (that happens to share a name with the wine we are featuring here today) in Paso Robles that had the most success. Today, many wineries proudly claim that their original cuttings came from this historic vineyard.

It_??s surprising how long it took for these wines to gain a foothold in the US. Up until the early 90_??s, it was rather unusual to see California Syrah, let alone one labeled as Shiraz.

Shiraz is planted all over California now and although it_??s not as widespread as Australian Shiraz, it_??s rapidly growing in popularity. The warm friendly climate California is famous for is suited to Shiraz where it is used on its own or blended with other grapes.

Estrella_??s Shiraz is a classic example of California style. Straightforward fruit with a hint of spice. They have vinified the wine in such a way that the fruit expresses itself - the wine is true to character.

Compare it with the other wines in this special offering. Look for the simple uncomplicated fruit - classic blackberry and plum with a touch of peppery flavor characteristic to Syrah.

This wine is versatile enough to complement many different types of cuisine. From your basic pasta baked with tomato sauce and a bubbling cheese crust to more exotic pork chops with a coriander - cumin spice rub this wine will go with it all!