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Montpellier Pinot Noir

This casual, light-bodied red wine has bright cherry fruit on the bouquet. Tangy berry flavors will delight your palate. Lively acidity gives the wine some zest and balances the fruit. Tannins are moderate, and a hint of herbal complexity enhances the finish.
$13.99 / Bottle   $167.88 / Case
SALE $7.99 / Bottle   $95.88 / Case

Additional Information

Especially at a reasonable price! We have searched high and low to find one that we felt we could offer you here. One that actually tasted like 100% Pinot Noir is supposed to taste.

Grapes are moved by this auger into the tanks for fermentation.

Montpellier Vineyards, champion of wines for everyday consumption, came through for us.

Because the winery is part of a much larger group that owns tens of thousands of acres of vineyards in the California foothills (not the hot Central Valley floor) they master all aspects of production, and they believe in passing these savings on to the consumer!

That_??s great news for you, since Pinot Noir is one of the most talked about wines these days. Their light fruity style goes with just about any kind of food.

What makes good Pinot Noir so hard to find? Pinot Noir is not easy to grow. It_??s susceptible to disease and rot mainly because of its thin skin and tightly packed clusters.

Vinification in an open top tank.

Compared to other grapes, like Merlot (the rabbit of the grape world, this lusty varietal rarely has trouble producing a lot of fruit), Pinot Noir yields are small making it a less interesting investment from a strictly financial point of view.

In the wine cellar too Pinot Noir requires some extra attention to bring forth what its naturally reserved personality has to offer. The grapes must be handled very delicately.

Vinification in an open-top tank is often used to help develop fine fruit aromas and flavors. The skins, which have a tendency to float to the top like cream on milk, are punched down into the wine once or twice a day to help gently extract color and tannins which give the wine more body.

Those are only a few of the reasons why Pinot Noir wines tend to be rarer and more expensive than a lot of other wines. Doesn_??t that make you curious to try these wines and see for yourself the results of all this painstaking work?

This lightbodied red is a quaffer. Enjoy it on its own after work or with pizza, chicken teriyaki or grilled salmon. Try it with a garden market salad topped with fresh mozzarella!