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Dona Sol Chardonnay

2014 Light straw color wine that contains refreshing fresh fruit with hints of melon and vanilla. On the palate, fresh fruit with hints pear and apples is evident as it ends with a short smooth crisp finish. Delicious when paired with seafood (light & heavy), shellfish, pork, cheese, and poultry.
$14.00 / Bottle   $168.00 / Case
SALE $7.09 / Bottle   $85.08 / Case

Additional Information

Brought to you by the _??major protagonist in the democratization of wine_??, Fred Franzia, Do?a Sol proves once again that wine doesn_??t have to cost a lot to provide pleasure.

This wine comes from Franzia_??s extensive vineyard holdings (more than 30 square miles!) mainly located in the gentle foothills of the sunny Central Valley.

Franzia, his brother and cousin who are partners in Bronco, own vineyards in 11 California counties. The empire cuts a swath across inland California from Sacramento to the Tehachapi Mountains and includes a 35,000 acre vineyard.

Do?a Sol is produced in Franzia_??s industrial-size winery located in Ceres, CA. It_??s loaded with all the modern equipment a winemaker could possibly dream of.

Franzia is even getting into the bottle-production business with plans to build a glass bottle manufacturing plant at the Napa facility. This step would reduce the number of diesel-fueled trucks on the highways since materials could be delivered by rail.

Why go to all the trouble? Franzia is concerned that some winemakers are purchasing bottles from China and Mexico and he wants to make sure that Bronco wines are made in California. He believes that production can be cost efficient and competitive on native soil. His plans also include an 8-acre park and arboretum that would be a buffer zone between the Bronco plant and highway 29.

Franzia is most famous for introducing the world to _??Two Buck Chuck_??, and bucking convention by proving that good wine can be affordable to all.

Love him or hate him, Fred Franzia and Bronco_??s success has set the wine world on fire; let_??s hope more follow suit!